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Goddess Teatox & Cleanse

✔ Flush out extra fluids

✔ Cleanse inside and out

✔ Feel lighter

✔ Goddess Teatox in 4 easy to follow steps

4 x 50 grams packets

Total 200 grams of Goddess Teatox


We start with Electra – Detox to invigorate your digestive system. (think of it as a kick start)

After lunch Artemis helps the digestive process to stop the food you just ate just sitting there.

About 3 – 4 pm you may start getting a little hungry looking for a snack, this is when Athena appetite Fighter works a treat.

After dinner the next go to is Electra Detox to work as a cleanser to your system.

At Types of Tea, we are not nutritionists and nor do we claim to be experts.

We have formulated the Goddess Range of teas that may assist you on your weight loss goals from findings that we have personally experienced.

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