Stress and anxiety has become a way of life. Let’s face it COVID, rising interest rates, job security, the threat of world unrest. We are only human and how are we able to cope? 

Thank goodness mother nature has the answer. We have found that Valerian Root, Lavender, and Chamomile tea all assist in relaxation and lowering life’s stresses. 

Yoga and meditation can be used as a supplement to the teas as well.

Teas such as Valerian root, lavender and chamomile can aid better sleep. It can help you to feel less stressed. Better and deep sleep can reduce anxiety. The benefits of these teas can assist in relaxed brain function which in turn allows you to sleep better.



Valerian can be consumed 3 times a day, the true benefits of the tea may take 2 weeks as it works on the Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) which is responsible for sending messages to the brain. In effect it slows down the messages to the nervous system.

Valerian has been used since the Roman times. 

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Chamomile has some unique properties that can benefit the quality of sleep. It contains apigenin which is antioxidant which bind to certain receptors in your brain that may assist in insomnia and lack of sleep.

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Lavender works directly with the nervous system to block GABA receptors similar to Valerian root.

Lavender lowers stress levels and reduces anxiety.  

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