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Types of Tea

My family and I started this business with the hope that we too could offer clients an experience that sadly I had not understood for many years.

After the loss of my father in January 2022  I suffered extreme insomnia and anxiety.

This was very out of character for me and the health implications were extreme as my blood pressure was so high from the stress built up from the lack of sleep that my GP warned me that I may have a stroke due to an aneurism at any time. The blood pressure tablets that I was prescribed would not take effect for 6 months.

A dear friend of mine Antonino suggested I try valerian root tea, I initially scoffed at the idea as I thought it was really not for me. As I was so desperate to sleep I tried it( by the way I tried sleeping tablets and I woke with a hang over feeling). 

I brewed my first herbal tea and drank it before bed time, the first thing I noticed was I began to yawn, I went to bed and I slept, I mean I really slept and woke up at 6 am refreshed. I was not feeling the anxiety anymore and I could think straight again. This was the beginning of my dream to offer and educate others that there is something real about wellness tea.

I understand the ignorance of many people about tea because honestly I was brought up thinking tea was something in a box that had tea bags in and it sat behind the coffee. Little did I know how exciting tea could be.

We supply tea with a purpose.

What that means is that the tea we have for sale can offer-wellness which has been discovered over centuries of drinking and understanding tea. 

Tea is social and tea is bringing family and friends together.

I hope my story inspires you to try this magnificent gift in a cup.

From my family to yours, enjoy.

Chris Fenech